Which type of Lehenga is the best for me?

Which type of Lehenga is the best for me?

It is every girl's dream to choose the best bridal outfit for her big day. While we often spend days and months searching for the lehenga blouse with the perfect color, patchwork, embroidery, and make, we do not always consider if we are choosing one that best fits our body.

1. A-line lehenga:

These lehenga cholis are perfect for girls who have pear-shaped or hourglass shaped body types. They focus more on the blouse and dupatta and the lehenga is very light and is made with lighter fabrics which makes it a very elegant choice.

2. Jacket lehenga:

Perfect for girls who have apple-shaped or inverted triangle shaped body types. The jacket adds the required volume to all the required parts which makes it a very practical and versatile option.

3. Sharara Lehenga:

The Sharara cut lehenga is perfect for all body types as it is elegant, comfortable, and easy to wear. It is usually heavily embroidered and gives a balanced look to the entire body. It is a special one because it is a trouser in the form of a skirt which makes it an ideal option for every bride or wedding guest.

4. Fish-cut or Mermaid Lehenga:

Perfect for rectangle-shaped and hourglass bodies. The Mermaid lehenga beautifully accentuates the entire look and adds the oomph to it.

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