Wedding Favors Ideas That Your Guests Are Going To Love

Wedding Favors Ideas That Your Guests Are Going To Love

Deciding on wedding favors can be a tricky thing to do. You want them to suit your guests' personalities and make sure they do not just keep sitting on the table. Below, we have listed a few items which you can include in your favors, which your wedding guests are going to love.

1. Brocade clutch purses

These quirky and colorful brocade purses are women's favorites. They catch everybody's attention immediately and are one of the few things that every wedding guest is highly likely to pickup,

2. Small planters/ seeds

This is one of the most thoughtful gifts that you can give to your wedding guests. You could put small tags, telling the name of the plants & also your initials to make it memorable for them.

3. Scented candles

Giving out scented goodies like candles, soaps and body or face mists are great wedding favor ideas. Not only will your guests love them, they are extremely helpful and useful as well.

4. Small portions of snacks

Everybody loves gourmet popcorn, chocolates & similar small edible items.  However, if you prefer giving ingredients rather than whole foods, that is always an excellent idea.

5. Miniatures

For the guests who love to enjoy a little extra, these cute miniature bottles do not only grab their attention immediately. Your guests would love to take a shot & enjoy your wedding even more.

Hope these unique wedding favors gave you some cool wedding return gift ideas for your big day or pre-wedding functions!