Trending Cake Designs 2023

Trending Cake Designs 2023

Cake cutting is one of the most prominent events when it comes to a wedding. We see ever-changing designs in cakes and this year, we are expecting the below designs to top the charts:

1. Hanging cakes

If you're somebody who loves to go extra with their wedding decor, events, outfits and literally everything, then, hanging cakes are for you. They add the required glam to the entire event & are a treat to the eyes.

2. Floating cakes

Cakes which create an illusion of something floating in the air are the trendiest of them all. We have different shapes of cake stands in the market which are used to make such cakes.

3. Fault-line cakes

When making a Fault Line Cake, instead of carving out actual chunks of cake, lines of buttercream are swiped out and filled with different types of fillings such as sprinkles, etc. They look extremely beautiful & are show-stopping cakes.


4. Geode cakes

These cakes are meant to mimic the natural rock formation. The baker carves out random chunks from the cake and fills it in with edible crystals. The crystals are then colored as per the cake's theme to tie everything together.

5. Depictive cakes

Cakes involving figures or telling stories which are relevant to the couple are depictive cakes. They hold a lot of emotional value & are one of the most uncommon ones out there.


Depending upon what your choice is, what the theme of the wedding is and how the wedding decorations are going to be like, the cake can be finalized accordingly. Eventually, what matters the most is the taste and size of the cake as it should be enough for all the guests.