South-Asian fashion bloggers to follow in Toronto & the GTA

South-Asian fashion bloggers to follow in Toronto & the GTA

Being a blogger is not as easy as it seems to be. A lot of hard work goes behind each post and detailing matters the most. While every blogger has its own niche, below are a few who, in no particular order, are the ones which you should definitely follow.

1. Sidra Syed

Instagram Handle: @sidraandco

She is a Pakistani Canadian, residing in Toronto, who has a following of more than 100,000 people. She justifies that number with her creative videos which are not limited to fashion but also food recipes, parenting videos and some couple videos.

2. Ayesha Azeem

Instagram Handle: @ayesha.azeem

An immigrant, entrepreneur and an autism parent. She shares her journey of how her life has changed after she found out about her neurodiverse kid. She shares tips on parenting and how her special kid has made her life better.


3. Zeba

Instagram Handle: @thezebaproject

A travel & fashion blogger, residing in Toronto. She is bound to drop jaws with her travel fashion. Her looks on point with whichever city she visits and she is literally fashion goals.

4. Deepa Prashad 

She recently got married and stunned with her looks in Mehendi, Wedding and other events as well. She is very passionate about F1 and has a different account for all the F1 enthusiasts.

Instagram Handle: @deepaprashad1

5. Farah Dhukai

Instagram Handle: @farahdhukai     

With a following of more than 6 million followers, she is all about beauty, DIY and haircare routines. People really enjoy her content because of how relatable they are and how real they are.

6. Simrit Talwar

Instagram Handle: @simrittalwar  

A lifestyle, fashion & fitness blogger, residing in Toronto. She shares content which one can actually relate to, in their day-to-day life.

7. Anam

Instagram Handle: @myinspiredhome

Mom of 3, Anam is a CA and CPA by profession. She enjoys making content related to home decor and family and also owns a cultural gifts store.