Pakistani Wedding Rasams

Pakistani Wedding Rasams

Similar to an Indian Wedding, a Pakistani Wedding also have a gazillion events in it. Planning each and every event, deciding which outfits to wear in them and the kind of décor, is all exciting as well as taxing.
Below are a few main events which take place in every Pakistani Wedding:

1. Pakistani Mayoun/Mehndi Rasam: No makeup 

The bride sits at home, without any makeup or accessories. This is to make sure that she glows the most on her wedding day. This is the ultimate before & after transformation that a bride goes through during those days.

2. Pakistani Mayoun/Mehndi: Mehndi

All the women of the family and the bride's friends come together and apply henna on their palms. Apart from the aesthetic beauty, Mehendi is considered to be a symbol of strength between the bride & groom. It is also believed that the deeper the color of the mehendi, the more the love.

3. Pakistani Mayoun: Haldi ki Rasam
All the family member come together and apply Haldi (Turmeric) to the bride. Haldi is believed to bring out a fairer complexion and enhances the beauty of the bride. 
4. Pakistani Mehndi: Dholki 
This is probably everybody's favorite function. A dholki (person sitting with a dhol) sits in between and all the family members get together and sing songs. There are traditional Pakistani songs, new songs and a lot of games as well.
5. Pakistani Wedding Rasam: Aarsi Mashuf (Mirror Rasam)
The bride shows her face to the groom first time after the Nikkah. The couple see each other in the mirror as the bride unveils her face that she keeps hidden during the entire ceremony.
6. Pakistani Wedding Rasam: Holding Quran over Dulhan’s Head
This is done to make sure that God will always be with the bride as she embarks on this new journey as Quran is considered to be holy.
7. Pakistani Walima Rasam
The younger brother of the groom sits in the bride's lap until the groom gives him money or gift. This is the last function and the bride dresses up the most during this function as this is the first day of her new life.
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