Wedding planning: The Right Timeline For Everything

Wedding planning: The Right Timeline For Everything

Planning a wedding can sometimes be be very taxing if everything is not planned before hand. There are certain things which are the most important and have to be completed before anything else. Whereas, there are others which might seem to be important but could be done later on, once the priorities have been taken care of.

In such scenarios, a wedding timeline checklist will be your best friend. However, not everybody has the same number of months between their wedding and engagement. Hence, you will have to shorten or lengthen the timeline as per your requirements.

Now, assuming that we are looking at 12 months duration (and your wedding venue and date is already set) between your wedding and engagement, the below should be an ideal timeline to make sure you make the most out of the process and it is not stressful for you but joyous and full of good memories:

5-6 Months Before The Wedding

  • Book your Make-Up, hair artist and photographer as they can be get booked pretty fast if you are getting married during the wedding season.
  • Book your appointments with the designers you would like to explore for your wedding outfit and choose your bridal outfit so that there is enough time to get it customized and avoid any last minute hassle which you might face in alterations.
  • Explore all the options with your wedding planner and understand what is drawing your attention the most.
  • Start gathering the necessary information for your guests (addresses, their availability and more)


3-4 Months Before The Wedding

  • Order your bridal jewelry and engagement ring
  • Buy the gifts for your friends and family
  • Get sorted on what all you will be taking in your trousseau
  • Finalize your decoration for all the events
  • Send out the Wedding Invitation to all the guests

4 Weeks Before the Wedding

  • Have the final fitting of your dress done
  • Finalize your wedding cake and give the order so that the supplier can accommodate any special demands
  • Review your final RSVP list and call everyone who hasn’t responded yet.
  • Tell your photographer what kind of pictures you would like to have & send any inspiration pictures that you might have.
  • Finalize the menu with the caterer and give them a final head count.

1 Week Before Your Wedding

  • Get your bridal services done
  • Pack all the essentials for your bridal bag
  • Pack for your honeymoon if its right after
  • Give your wedding planner a final list of all the essentials/ supplier requests.


Having a wedding planner always helps as this process can be tiring and may lead to unnecessary stress. And, trust us, you would not want to look stressed on your big day