Must-have Accessories for Every Pakistani and Indian Groom

Must-have Accessories for Every Pakistani and Indian Groom

To match up with your glamorous wives-to-be, it is advised that every Pakistani and Indian groom must carry some of the below accessories:

1. Embellished turban

Turbans are used for covering a groom’s head and are usually of the same color or in contrast to the outfit. Beige and deep red are the most widely worn colors when it comes to turbans. One can bejewel them with beautiful brooches as well.

2. Velvet shawls

Heavily embroidered velvet shawls are the most popular accessories for any Indian or Pakistani groom. Most men prefer to go for a contrasting color to add that pop of color to their otherwise monotonous outfit.

3. Embellished juttis

Adorning matching juttis, with embellishments on it is the go-to option for every groom when it comes to choosing their outfits. They do not only look trendy and festive but also reduce the chance of making mistakes with respect to color and design, when it comes to choosing footwear for your big day.

4. Brooches and necklaces

Brooches can be added to make those boring outfits fun. You can either use it on your turbans or pocket squares, depending upon where you feel you need some more jazz. Whereas, necklaces are a must have for every groom. You can either get a contrast necklace or of the same color as your sherwani.

Adding these accessories might make you stand out, but over-accessorizing can also ruin the entire ensemble. Eventually, it is for you to decide whether you need all, some or none of these accessories. If you're still finding some of these accessories in Toronto, Mississauga and the GTA, visit us at Karigur and our expert bridal consultants will be more than happy to help you!