Pakistani & Indian Weddings Themes 2023

Pakistani & Indian Weddings Themes 2023

1. Rustic/ Bohemian Wedding

Shades of burnt orange, red, beige, brown & all such earthy tones make the wedding look all rustic & bohemian. This is a very unconventional theme which is slowly gaining popularity due to its warm nature & beautiful decoration. Pompous grass plays a huge role in these weddings & makes the decoration look even prettier. 

2. Royal/ Rajasthani Wedding

All things regal, with outfits inspired from the Mughals and old royal families, make the most of this theme. You can expect a lot of jewelry, elephants, carriages, etc. These weddings usually take place in big palaces or dome-shaped buildings which make the theme very extravagant yet fun to watch & enjoy.

3. Carnival Wedding

Carnival weddings are all fun, games, swings & more. Couples who love to keep things easy & just love to enjoy with a lot of games are often the ones who go for this theme. You can expect bursts of laughter, bright block prints, huge swings, a casino & more of such expected yet cool arrangements 

4. Bollywood Wedding

Role playing different Bollywood stars, dressing up like the iconic actors & actresses, bringing up the glam quotient & dancing like there's no tomorrow is the soul of this theme.

5. Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are utterly beautiful with minimal decoration, a lot of flowers & earthy pastel tones everywhere. Along with a surreal background & the serene voice of water, beach weddings are extremely sophisticated & western. They give that intimate feeling which no other wedding themes give. 

If you’re also about to get married & want to go with a theme, choose something that you can associate with. As choosing a theme & then panicking over getting all the arrangements done is not the smartest thing to do.