A list of photos every couple needs to take

A list of photos every couple needs to take

Some couples can find doing photoshoots daunting as they might be camera shy or might find it uncomfortable in front of the photographers and the entire crew. However, below we have listed some couple photo ideas which are simple yet unique in every way.

1. Doing a gesture showing love 

2. Showing intimacy yet comfort

3. The Royal couple pose

4. With the man on his knees, of course 

5. Using a prop like a beautiful bouquet complimenting your wedding dresses

6. Candidly smiling pose

7. Doing some fun like pillow fight

8. Some candid pictures when the festivities are going on

These are some simple yet fun poses that every couple could use. They do not include a lot of interaction with the camera but just requires a good level of comfort with your better-half. Pakistani & Indian wedding photographers can suggest a lot of poses but still deciding the vibe of your wedding shoot is important.