Trends To Steal From Pakistani Grooms

Trends To Steal From Pakistani Grooms

There are certain trends which Pakistani grooms follow which just make sense. They are bold, stylish & have defined groom wear in a beautiful manner due to their unconventional & classy choices.

Below are a few trends which every groom should steal:

1. Velvet Shawls

Pakistani grooms love to pair their sherwanis with beautifully orchestrated velvet shawls. Those shawls/ dupattas are either of a contrasting color or the same color as the sherwani. Some Pakistani grooms also love to go all out with Banarasi shawls instead of velvet.

2. Pathani Salwar

Pakistani grooms love to wear easy-breezy salwars with kurtas. They look extremely cool in them and that is something which everyone could copy from them.

3. Unique Safas

Unique safas of different colors and shapes add to the list of those accessories which make Pakistani grooms stand out a lot. Everyone should definitely ditch the mainstream safas and try these unique safas once. 

4. Fully Embroidered Jackets

Pakistani grooms love to be all stylish and jazzy with their fully embroidered jackets. One can just not stop admiring them and their fashion sense in these jackets. 

5. Pakistani Khussas/ Juttis

Coordinating your khussas with your wedding outfit can instantly elevate the entire look. They are mostly of the same color of your outfit but some grooms love to go all out with contrasting juttis/ khussas.

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