Instagram Reel Ideas To Make Your Wedding Go Viral

Instagram Reel Ideas To Make Your Wedding Go Viral

If you wish to go viral with your wedding photos & videos, Instagram reels are the best way to do it. The potential that Instagram reels hold is beyond imagination and hopping onto a few of the below trends, will definitely increase your chances of being the ‘it’ bride of the season. 

Below, we have listed a few reel ideas which are fun yet have a lot of potential to make your wedding go viral. 

1. Showcasing relatable yet fun content

Reels which show relatable content have a lot of potential to go viral. We had a bride, who literally put food before the groom and chose to eat her meals before going for the rituals. 

2. Dancing reels 

Dancing reels, may it be, the bride or groom alone or along with a group, definitely gain a lot of popularity on social media. Plan a groovy flash mob with your squad, if you have a big one of just choreograph something very out of the box, instead of the traditional couple dances and BOOM, there you go!

3. Some emotional moments

Planning something, specially for your parents, siblings or close friends is extremely relatable for every user who shares the same relationship with the person in picture. That gets viral really fast because of all rush of emotions it gives and makes everybody feel special about the performance. 

4. Choosing an out-of-the-box venue

Recently, a bride got married in Swiss which was completely reel-worthy. The background, outfits, decor everything was so on point with snow-capped mountains, blue skies & tons of love. If you can not be so extravagant, then, just do something with the decor which is not mainstream and then, you will be ready to be all over Instagram.

5. Filmy bridal entry

With the bridal entry being the center of attraction of every wedding, plan something filmy, with all the latke & jhatke, filmy songs, tons of desi music, some good expressions & you will be good to go. People love to watch the different emotions that a bride goes through on her wedding day & that is what makes these reels special.

6. Take on a challenge

Keep a track of all the challenges which are trending during the time of your wedding & try to do one of them. That instantly increases the chances of getting viral on Instagram as everybody loves to see challenges videos to see how are other performing, their funny failures & their successes.

If you have any more pointers, do email us at & we would love to  hear what else you have got on your minds.