Types of Grooms On Their Wedding Day

1. The Lazy Groom

Pakistani or Indian rooms who are very happy-go-lucky and do not stress much about the  preparations are the lazy ones. They prefer relaxing over taking in charge of all the things to be done in the wedding. 

2. The Performer Groom

3. The Responsible Groom

4. The Emotional Groom

5. The Party-Lover Groom

There are different types of Pakistani & Indian grooms out there who have different priorities when it comes to deciding the vibe of their wedding or life in general. We, at Karigur, understand each groom's needs and provide options accordingly. For every confused groom out there, we carry different types of Pakistani & Indian grooms clothing, ranging from men's sherwani, men's kurta pajama, men's khussa, men's shawls and more.