How To Be A Good Bridesmaid In 5 Simple Steps

How To Be A Good Bridesmaid In 5 Simple Steps

Being someone's bridesmaid is a huge honor in itself. However, being one also comes with lots of responsibilities and requires you to put in a lot of work in whatever you're doing for your best friend aka the bride-to-be.

Being the bridesmaid to an Indian or Pakistani bride has its own pros and cons. Considering that Pakistani & Indian weddings have so many events involved, a large number of guests attending the wedding and every thing needs to be implemented with care.

Below we have listed a few points to keep in mind, if you have been given the honor to be the bridesmaid:

1. Get Ready To Handle The Tears

Even if you are not the emotional one, a Pakistani and Indian wedding will involve a lot of tears and you should know what exactly needs to be said without sounding insensitive. You should be an expert at handling meltdowns if you are the bridesmaid.

2. Be Ready Before The Bride On Every Function

An Indian or Pakistani wedding has multiple festivities and the work does not get ever even till the last second. It is your job to make sure that all the vendors have taken care of everything that was discussed beforehand and the things are getting implemented as per the initial planning. You need to dress up and get ready before the bride as you will be the one responsible for managing the needs of other wedding guests and the bride herself.

3. Do Not Miss Any Dance Practices

You have to make sure that you are present in every celebration, may it be before the wedding, during the wedding or after the wedding. Coming to all the dance practices on time, making it to every small function before the actually wedding, all this counts when you are a Indian or Pakistani bridesmaid.

4. Follow The Dress Codes

If there are any dress codes, follow them to your best capacity. It does not matter if the other wedding guests do not follow them, but, since, you are going to be the leader in almost every wedding function and will be present in every photograph, it is mandatory for you to follow the themes and look your best.

5. Always Have An 'Essentials' Kit Ready

All the dance, fun and craziness involved in a Pakistani & Indian wedding makes it mandatory to have an essentials kit ready. It should have safety pins, band aids, compact, perfume, tissues and similar important items. 

The duties are never ending but these are a few important tips which will make sure that the bride considers you to be the best bridesmaid ever. Lastly, ALWAYS stay in touch with the bride's mother. She should have your contact number and you should have hers. She is the one who is bound to require the most help.