Latest Indian bridal blouse neck designs 2022

Latest Indian bridal blouse neck designs 2022

Designer blouses have always been popular.Though there are a number of options you can choose from, it is always suggested to choose the ones  in which you feel the most comfortable and suits your body type.

1. Off shoulder blouse

The fanciest of all necklines, this is usually preferred by brides who want to add a statement of their own. These can be donned with sarees, blouses of your lehenga choli and more.

2. Halter necks

This neckline is what makes you the most distinguished Indian bride ever. If you choose not to wear any necklaces on your big day, this is the best neckline you can go for.

3. Sweetheart neckline

For those Indian brides who want a modern yet traditional look, sweetheart neckline blouses are the best suited for them. They can be perfectly carried with sarees, lehenga cholis and skirts. These necklines leave you with enough space to accessorize your necks with big necklaces and chokers.


4. One shoulder dresses

Similar to how we have off shoulder necklines, one shoulder necklines are also one of the most popular blouse designs amongst today’e brides who want to go for a contemporary one instead of the traditional U-cuts. Brides usually prefer not wearing anything on their necks with this neckline and opt for big earrings instead.


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