Important tips for your WhatsApp Indian & Pakistani Wedding Invitation

Important tips for your WhatsApp Indian & Pakistani Wedding Invitation

No Indian & Pakistani Weddings are complete without sending WhatsApp invitations. However, since these have become so common, it has become vital to make sure your WhatsApp invitation stands out from the crowd. Below are some tips which you can keep in mind before designing one:

1. Add a personal touch

Personalizing your WhatsApp wedding invitations do not only create that wow effect but also makes the receiver feel valued. It shows that efforts have been put in to make every wedding guest feel special.

2. Try to include a short video

Adding a short video not only makes your invitation super personalized but also instills a sense of emotional touch into the guests. They feel more welcomed than ever

3. Don't include a lot of information

Bulky WhatsApp invitations with a lot of information can be major turn offs for your wedding guests. They might become uninterested with too much of it and the invitation should only contain some important information like wedding venue, dates, name of the bride & groom, etc

4. Avoid Typos

Making spelling mistakes in such information can turn out to be a blunder. Names of the guests, names of the bride & groom, wedding venues and more. That might also make your guests think that you have a laid back attitude attitude towards your own wedding.

5. Don't forget to follow up

Merely sending the WhatsApp invitations aren't enough. After sending the invitations on WhatsApp, you should follow up with your wedding guests over call or messages to make sure they feel valued.


No amount of planning is ever enough when you are planning the small details of Indian & Pakistani Weddings. Hence, hiring a wedding planner will be the best for every future bride and groom.