Important things to do immediately after the wedding

Important things to do immediately after the wedding

We tend to plan every small detail for our wedding & honeymoon but completely forget that there are a few vital things that need to be taken care of immediately after the wedding gets over. With all the excitement circling around the newly weds life, it is always advisable to let your close friends & family take over to make sure that you are enjoying the new phase of your life to its full extent and there is nothing that requires your immediate attention, except your partner & your new life.

Below we have listed a few things which should be done immediately after the wedding:

1. Get your Pakistani or Indian bridal & wedding dress cleaned

The festivities involved in a Pakistani & Indian wedding are usually time consuming and involves a lot of activities, eating food, dancing & doing all the crazy stuff that is done in a typical Pakistani & Indian wedding. That just damages and makes your Pakistani bridal dress dirty and if it is not cleaned immediately after the wedding, storing it in a closed space will lead to bad odor and even the material might get destroyed.

2. Open your presents

You are bound to get showered with millions of gifts when you are getting married in an Indian or Pakistani family. It is always advisable to open your gifts immediately after the wedding as some might be very delicate and may get damaged if you do not pay attention. On the other hand, there will be a few items which might not be very useful for you, you can decide & give them to the ones who need those particular items.

3. Get your marriage certificate

Getting your marriage registered immediately after the wedding is important as it will help you in making further bookings for your honeymoon & usually this stuff takes a step back once you are back to your normal life. This will also facilitate your other jobs like getting you name changed (if you would like to).

4. Book a therapeutic spa session for yourself & your partner

RELAX! That's the most important thing which you and your partner must do once the craziness of the wedding is over. Meeting so many people, constantly attending festivities, getting dresses up for every event, all this can be very taxing and can take a toll on your me time. Booking a couple spa session will not only rejuvenate your mind but also give you a break post the wedding madness.

5. Make sure the vendors have been paid off

All the hassle might lead to delayed payouts to the vendors. Hence, make arrangements to make sure that they have been paid off as per the agreement & you have also reviewed them accordingly.

These are a few things which will require your immediate attention as postponing them will increase the stress later on. Hence, it is advised to either delegate this work to your friends & family or make arrangements to make sure they happen seamlessly as soon as the wedding is over.