Fun Things That You'll Definitely See At A Desi Wedding

Fun Things That You'll Definitely See At A Desi Wedding

1. A lot of FOOOOD

We are going to start this blog with the most common & safe one, FOOD. You'll find different cuisines & variety of food, beginning with appetizers and ending with dessert. 

2. Envelopes filled with cash

As the tradition continues, you will find every wedding guest with a envelop in their hands, which will be filled with cash, for the bride & groom. 'Lifafay mein kitne dene hai?', is the most commonly asked question in every Indian & Pakistani wedding.

3. Unknown relatives

You are bound to find some unknown aunties & uncles, who are going to pop up suddenly and that will be the first and the last time that you’ll be meeting them. Not only is this very sudden but the best part is when they expect you to know them and everybody around you. 

4. Exhausting events

Indian & Pakistani weddings are filled with a lot of events, unlike western weddings where there is just one event. Beginning from Haldi to Mehendi, ending with Walima or reception, having two events in a day, is a normal tradition of desi weddings. But, let’s face it, the numerous events are what make the wedding happening & fun. 

5. Jewellery exhibition

Indian & Pakistani women love to adorn themselves with a lot of jewellery, from top to bottom. Pairing every event’s outfit with a different type of jewellery is one of the most important jobs which needs to be done before attending a wedding. 

While these are super fun yet weird things that you’ll experience at almost every desi wedding, we still look forward to the shaadi season every year to meet everybody & have loads of fun.