Clever ways to reuse your old outfits

Clever ways to reuse your old outfits

Let's be honest, everybody wishes to re-use their bridals, heavy bridals & causal wear in a way that does not ruin the outfit but does not look as heavy as a bridal or like it was worn several times before.

In today's blog, we will be listing down a few clever ways in which you could re-use your clothes & slay.

1. Change the top 

Changing the top will instantly re-new your outfit. You could replace the current shirt with something contemporary and that will automatically add so much to the outfit. In the image below, the traditional blouse has been changed to a modern organza blouse & the outfit looks perfect to be worn as a wedding guest.

2. Use your dupatta as the jacket

You could add a jacket of the same color as your dress or even go for a contrasting color. The jacket hides the top and the outfit looks completely new. You could dress down or dress up varying on how heavy your jacket is going to be. Using the dupatta as the jacket is also a very clever way to renew the outfit, similar to how it has been done in the below image.

3. Use your bottom as the top

Bottoms such as lehengas are long enough to be used as the top, which can then be belted on & bang, there is your new outfit right there. The perfect example of how to do this can be seen in this reel  wherein, Karigur's Pakistani bridal dress has been renewed completely by using the lehenga as the bottom & then belting it with the jacket. Below is an example of how to do it seamlessly.

This is the original outfit, which has a short top, lehenga & a jacket

In the image below, our muse has worn the skirt as the top

 And, finally, the image below, she can be seen wearing the skirt as the top which has been belted on with the jacket.


4. Change the bottoms

Changing the bottoms to something else will also be very helpful in renewing your outfit. You could change the entire look just by switching from a lehenga to a sharara or a gharara. If it is a monotone dress, changing the bottom to another style in a contrasting color will almost make the outfit unrecognizable, as can be seen in this reel.

Hence, summing up, it is not necessary to buy a new outfit for every occasion as you just have to cleverly mismatch different parts of your outfit & that shall do the job for at least one or two more functions.