Top Henna Artists in Mississauga & Toronto

Top Henna Artists in Mississauga & Toronto

In an Indian & Pakistani wedding, every ritual has its own importance. Applying henna to the hands also one of those traditional rituals which is extremely celebrated & even though the style of henna might differ from generation to generation, its value remains the same. 

Below we have listed a few of the top henna artists in Toronto & the GTA, in no particular order: 

1. Sumayyah

With over 60,000 followers, Sumayyah is a a published henna artist of Toronto. She is also open for destination weddings & is one of the best henna artists in Canada. Her designs are intricately done & look extremely gorgeous.

Instagram Handle: @hennabymayaa

2. Shivani Patwa

Located in Mississauga, Shivani Henna Art provides tailored and professional bridal mehndi services and specialize in traditional and Arabic bridal mehendi. She gained a lot of popularity after Ariana Grande posted about her henna services and shared a picture along with her henna.

Instagram Handle: @Shivanihennaart

3. Saira

Saira Hussain is a holistic henna practitioner and has integrated the ceremonial ways of henna, aromatherapy & energetic modalities to help her clients evoke their own self-compassion while addressing their emotional blockages. 

Instagram Handle: @breathofhenna

4. Fizza

A published henna artist with over 40,000 followers, the intricacy with which she puts the henna, makes her stand out the most.

Instagram Handle: @fizza_tabish


5. Vaibhavi Vyas

Based in Brampton, GTA, Vibha is a celebrity henna artist with over 22 years of experience in this industry. Her experience & eye for details make her one of the favorite henna artists in the GTA. 

Instagram Handle: @vibhahennaart

6. Nasrin

An award winning henna & tattoo artists of Toronto, who does not only specialize in bridal henna but also provide the rare door-to-door services to her clients. 

Instagram Handle: @nasrinhennadesign

7. Kainat: Bridal henna artist

Located in Pickering, Kainat is not only a henna artist but also an instant henna supplier. She even goes to destination weddings & claims that she uses 100% organic henna. 

Instagram Handle: @hennabykainat


8. Henna by Nav

A bridal henna artist who also supplies organic henna cone. She is located in the GTA & also travels for her brides.

Instagram Handle: @hennabynav_

Summing up, a bride must convey exactly what she is looking for in her bridal henna and analyse which artist’s work is aligning the most with her needs. Once that is finalised, the artist should then customise the bride’s henna and make sure what was asked for has been delivered as this is something which can not be altered or changed.