Answering the most asked questions

Answering the most asked questions

With the wedding & gifting season around the corner, there are a few questions which almost every client asks us. 

Today, in this blog, we are going to cover some of the candid, fun & most asked questions & we hope this helps everyone in getting to know about us & our company more.

1. When is the new shipment coming?

This is the most asked question that literally every client asks when they are in the store. We love to add new styles every now & then and keep on adding new pieces to our collection every 2 months. We might not launch an entire collection, but, you will definitely see 2 or 3 new pieces every month and we highly suggest subscribing to our email to make sure you do not miss out on any of the new launches. On the other hand, we also launch new bridal & wedding couture collection every wedding season which is launched on Instagram, our website & every platform that we sell on. 

However, the only thing to note here is that we never bring back any items which go out of stock. Hence, if you like any of the items present on our website or in-store, we suggest buying it there & then as we would not want our clients to not find something they love, the next time they visit us.

2. How can I reuse my bridal as I am spending so much on it?

This is one of the most asked & smartest question that we our bridal consultants get all the time. You CAN & SHOULD reuse your bridal as you do not want to wear it only once & then just keep it aside. 

You could use your shirt, bottoms & dupatta with different pieces which are not so heavy, to balance out the entire look & make sure it does not look like a bridal. We, at Karigur, have separate pieces also and you could go for some matching shirt & bottoms to pair with your bridal. Visit this link to see how you can style our pieces in a versatile manner.

In the image below, the bride has re-used her Sabyasachi bridal lehenga with a contemporary shirt & is totally slaying it.


3. Why are we not allowed to take pictures of any of the in-store items?

Pictures taken via phones do not do justice to the beauty of the products because of lighting difference, display of the products, background and other similar factors. Mostly, all the outfits are on our website and the client can refer to those images, in case they wish to share it with somebody.

However, if there is an outfit which is not on the website, we recommend the client to bring the concerned person to the store to show that particular outfit. And, if you're a long distance client, our associates can share HD pictures of the outfit over email, under certain circumstances. 

4. Can you create the exact same outfit if I show you an inspiration picture?

We prefer not to copy the exact same outfits as that would create a replica of the original one. However, if there are certain outfits that you like, we could take inspiration from them & create another similar outfit for you. This retains the originality & you get the outfit of your liking. We make sure to put in the best of our work & create something even better, keeping your preferences in mind.

5. Can I get a bridal dress around $1000?

All our bridals are heavily hand crafted & take several months to get ready. The most talented craftsmen work together to get the final outcome, that you see & hence, it is not possible for us to make a bridal in $1000. Our bridals start from $2500 and if you like something which is not in your budget, we could customize it for you as per your price point, color preference, body measurements & other related variables.

6. Why are the bridal dresses so expensive?

You pay for the top notch quality of hand work, hand crafted by several talented craftsmen who are based in Pakistan. We source the best quality of pure fabrics & make sure that every detailing is done by the best in the business. We also donate a part of the proceeds to those in need to make sure we are doing our part to give back to the society.

These are a few questions that we get asked a lot. However, if there are any other questions on your mind, which we have not covered in this blog, you could email us at & we will make sure to cover them in our next blog.