Trousseau Essentials Every Bride Should Have

Trousseau Essentials Every Bride Should Have

Every bride wishes to curate the trendiest trousseau, when she is getting married. To make sure you're looking a stylish newly-wed, we have listed a few essentials below, which every bride should carry in her trousseau.

1. Sarees

Sarees are a classic and suit almost every person and every body type. They not only look very festive but also give full too newly wed vibes, whether paired with jewelry or not. Hence, sarees are on the top of our list and should be on every bride's.

2. Light Lehengas

Attending small functions, such as some relative's engagement, Eid parties and more, light lehengas will be your saviors. They can be dresses up or down as per the festivity in consideration and choosing the right fit of the lehenga accentuates the entire look.

3. Multi-colored jewelry

No matter what the outfit or occasion is, proper accessorizing properly can be the cherry to the cake. However, improper accessorizing can also break the deal and be a major turn off. Having some dainty and elegant ethnic jewelry sets will be very helpful as you can then dress up or down accordingly, as per the occasion.

4. Ethnic Flats

Pairing your casual suits with ethnic flats or 'mojdis' can really up your game instantly as they add a traditional touch to the entire look. You could either go for mojdis or embroidered sliders, depending upon your preference & style quotient.


5. Clutches

Ethnic clutches or potlis can really amp up the entire look, if paired properly. Beautiful & heavily embroidered clutches go extremely well with Nikaah and Walima outfits also and can then be carried with velvet suits & other heavy party-wear outfits post wedding.

6. A Good Hair Styler

Let's face it, one can not go to the salon everyday and get their hair styled, which becomes a necessary when you're newly wed. Meeting so many relatives on a daily basis, makes it taxing to style your hair everyday., Investing in good hair styler can ease your task .

7. High Heels

Wearing high heels with certain outfits can really change the entire look as they make your posture even better. Having heels of different colors like nude, black, beige, etc can make choosing your footwear easy, when you're in a dilemma.

8. Casual Suits

If you're to go to a small function of 8-10 people, casual suits can be very helpful and will make you comfortable and presentable at the same time.

While deciding what to take in your trousseau can be a very personal choice, above we have listed a few basics which, we are sure, will make every new bride's life easier.