Classic Nail Ideas For Brides In 2023

Classic Nail Ideas For Brides In 2023

With the growing importance of ring selfies, keeping your nails on point has become the new trend. You will see brides getting tensed when deciding their bridal nails & start saving inspiration on Pinterest months before the big day. To make your job easier, we have listed down a few classic options which are sure to suit your dress & make your ring selfie gorgeous.

1. Elegant White Nails

White nails are timeless & go with everything & anything. Though, they are a little hard to maintain but look extremely chic. If you go with these nails, you do not even have to take the pains to change them when you're leaving for your honeymoon as they look great with western clothes as well.

2. Metallic Nails

Metallic nails are the trendiest ones at the moment. You can either go with metallic nails on all the fingers or go with a combination of different designs on different fingers. They look extremely bridal & hic.

3. Timeless French Tip Nails

A true classic; French tip nails are one of the most popular designs out there. for those girls who like to play safe & do not wish to over do things on their wedding day, this is a no-brainer. It suits every outfit & are extremely easy to maintain when compared to the mainstream bejeweled nails.

4. Neutral Tones/ Bare Nails

Alike Kiara Advani, a lot of the girls are now opting for neutral tones which look like they barely have anything on their nails. This does not only compliment every outfit but are also extremely clean-looking. For girls who do not like a pop of color or wish to go with bling-y nails, this is the perfect option out there.

5. Ombre Nails

This is a clean yet elegant-looking option for girls who wish to do a little something on their nails. You could either choose a sold color or go with a neutral color. personally, we love neutral colors & think that these type of nails look the best when done in soft pinks, nudes or pastel hues.

6. Embellished/ Bejeweled Nails

These are probably the most common & sought-after bridal nails. Along with being the most good & festive-looking, these are also the most hard to maintain. But, if you wish to keep your bridal nails extra special & will be changing them as soon as they festivities get over, then, these are the best for you.

7. Marble Nails

These are one of the most chic-looking nails out there. Similar to how marble looks, these also have the same texture & looks. You can top them off some glitter or some rhinestones to make them look more festive & bridal.

Deciding which type of nails to go for is an extremely personal decision & should be taken after taking in consideration the color of your outfits, number of events & how extra you want them to look.