Trending Groom's Jewelry 2023

Trending Groom's Jewelry 2023

Whenever there is a wedding, the focus is always on the bride. Starting from what is the bride wearing, how is she accessorizing the outfit, whether she is going for a subtle makeup look and the list is endless. The grooms are always noticed after the bride & that was because they never get a lot of options for their outfits or jewelry. 

However, designers have now started curating new things for grooms and below, we have listed some trending jewelry pieces which can be incorporated with ease and the groom is then bound to stand out. 

1. Long Pearl Strands

This is a classic choice, which goes with almost every color, may it be a light colored sherwani or a dark one. Pearl strands add the required oomph to the otherwise plain outfit and is the go-to option for every groom who do not want to experiment a lot. 

2. Kundan Necklace

If you are looking for something simple & traditional yet stylish, kundan is the jewelry for you. It has a bit of shine & can transform any simple outfit to a wedding attire.

3. Emerald Necklace

Alike ruby, emeralds are also precious stones that can be matched with neutral outfits & are definitely trending more than ruby from the last 2-3 years. You can also match the brooch of your head gear and the entire look will look outstanding.

4. Red Ruby Necklace

If you want to add color to your neutral attire, then, going for a ruby necklace is the best option. It also matches a lot of brides' dresses & instantly lifts up the entire look. 

5. Brooches

Brooches are small when compares to necklaces, but, are extremely good looking & are timeless. They are a great choice for somebody who is looking to add royalty to their outfit.

Depending upon what your style is, you can choose between all these options. Grooms can also select their jewelry as per the bride's dress. If the entire color is not matching, then, one could just match the jewelry & it is sure to look beautiful.