10 tips to choose the perfect bridal jewelry for your Walima and Nikkah

10 tips to choose the perfect bridal jewelry for your Walima and Nikkah

Choosing the perfect jewelry is as important as choosing the perfect bridal dress. There are certain aspects which need to be considered before finalizing the accessories for your big day.

1. Make sure to buy your Pakistani or Indian bridal dress before you go for your jewelry shopping.

2. Match the work of the embroidery on your bridal dress to the metals in your Maang Tikka, necklace, earrings and the rest of your bridal jewelry . May it be a heavy party-wear Pakistani suit, Farshi lehenga, Designer Gown, Anarkali dress or lehenga Choli, your jewelry and dress will come together beautifully when you choose the right metal for your accessories.

3. Make sure to match the style of your dress to the style of your jewelry. If it is a traditional Pakistani or Indian clothing item, go for traditional Kundan jewelry or something similar to that. If it is a modern Walima or Indian ring ceremony outfit, then go for something modern like diamonds, Swarovski and more

4. Experiment with colored jewelry. If your bridal dress is monotonous, adding a pop of color by the way of your jewelry can really light up the entire look. Accessories with colored stones, like amethysts, rubies and sapphires add a vibrant touch to a bridal ensemble.

5. Lastly, do not over-accessorize. For an opulent wedding dress with plenty of embellishments, use minimum jewelry to avoid a cluttered look. Statement pieces look good when the dress features a simple silhouette and few embellishments. Select earrings according to your hairstyle on the day. Dramatic earrings look best with an up do, but you should skip the necklace or choose a small one when the earrings are long and flashy.

We understand that Pakistani wedding shopping can be overwhelming. But, our expert bridal consultants at Karigur can help you in finding the perfect dress for your big day as well as matching the perfect jewelry with your outfit.