How To Be Winter Ready: Desi Clothing Edition

How To Be Winter Ready: Desi Clothing Edition

With the temperatures constantly dropping, you would not want to drop your fashion quotient. To make sure you are staying warm & safe yet fashionable, we have jotted down a few smart ways to dress up during winters. 

1. Invest in good thermals

As it is repeatedly said, if the base is strong, the outcome will always be fruitful. Always invest in goof thermal wear, as it is going to protect you for several years. Uniqlo is our personal favorite when it comes to thermals. However, you could also consider some other options like Canadian Tire, Old Navy, and more. Once you have your thermals on, you will need lesser layers and that increases the chances of flaunting your ethnic wear more.

2. Ditch your dupatta with a shawl

Probably the smartest way to stay warm, when wearing traditional desi clothing, is to ditch your dupatta & go for a shawl instead. The shawl could be used to wrap your body completely & that will keep definitely keep you warm. Pashmina shawls are the best to do the job and they also come in different colors & styles.

3. Opt for outfits having full sleeves

Having full sleeves is the most fashionable option in winters. They do not only look regal & gorgeous but also protects you from the harsh winters. As can be seen in the below images, these Pakistani clothing options do not only look jaw-dropping but are also perfect for any event that you attend in winters.

4. Go for warmer fabrics

Going with fabrics like Pashmina, Velvet, Chanderi silk, etc keeps you extra warm and also look stylish at the same time. They are extremely royal-looking & suit every body type, as you can see in the below images. Velvet Pakistani suits is a must-have for every woman out there as they look extremely beautiful.

5. Make jackets your best friend 

Pair your ethnic wear, like lehenga choli, sarees or gowns with jackets. They do not only give a completely new look to the outfit but also keep you warm. In the below examples, 

Summing up, staying safe during winters is extremely important besides looking fashionable. Mostly, all the events are going to be indoors, but, if you're somebody who feels cold even when you're inside, we suggest carrying extra shawls or wearing nude socks at all times. That will not only help you in staying warm but will also facilitate you to enjoy the event to the fullest.