Questions To Ask Your Wedding Planner Before Finalizing Them

Questions To Ask Your Wedding Planner Before Finalizing Them

When you are hiring a wedding planner, there are certain things which you might want to know before finalizing them.

Below are a few significant things which you must ask your wedding planner:

1. If there are any hidden charges

Will you be paying the vendors yourselves or will the planner be handling it? Will you be charged a flat fees, per head or how? All these questions are of utmost importance as not knowing the answers to them might just ruin your budget completely and the planner might just turn out to be a huge headache instead of help.

2. What sorts of events have they done?

You need to know if your wedding planner has enough experience or not. That will determine the variety of props they have, the unique propositions that they might be able to offer and more. If they have done very less events, it is unlikely that they invest in unique stages or props only for your wedding without charging you a hefty amount.



3. Who will be the main point of contact for the event planning?

Once the contract is signed, the main wedding planner should assign a representative who will coordinate with you for everything. You need to know who that is going to be from day one. It might be possible that the wedding planner to whom you spoke to and finalized everything is very cooperating but the person assigned to work with you is not able to match up with your ideas and that can be darn irritating.

4. What is the backup plan?

Let's face it. Not everything will go as per your plan. Things might go out of control at the end moment but you should know what s their contingency plan. There are some uncontrollable factors like rains and similar events which can not be predicted entirely. Hence, it is important to understand what is their Plan B if everything falls out.

5. What services will they offer?

Will they cover the cake's costs? Will they cover the license fees of everything? Similar questions need to be asked before getting om board. If not cleared beforehand, this might turn out to be a problem for them and you. Hence, you should have everything in writing as to what are they willing to offer you in their fees.

No matter how much planning you do, some things are bound to go to south. Hence, it is important to keep your cool and find solutions instead of panicking. We understand that bridal shopping is the most stressful part for all brides out there but, leave it up to our expert bridal consultants at Karigur to look out for you. We will make sure you have the best of all the Pakistani bridal dresses, Pakistani formal ear, party wear dresses and Pakistani wedding wear.