Should I Go For A Monotone Look Or Add Some Contrast To My Pakistani Bridal Dress?

Should I Go For A Monotone Look Or Add Some Contrast To My Pakistani Bridal Dress?

There are several aspects which a bride should consider before deciding whether to go for a monotone bridal dress or to opt for a dual toned bridal dress:

1. Choose the colors as per the occasion

If you’re selecting your Mehendi outfit, choosing a monotone outfit might not look appropriate according to the occasion. Outfits for Mehendi ought to be colorful and combinations like emerald green with deep red, yellow with bottle green and such vibrant colors look the best on Mehendi. Whereas, a Walima outfit looks the best when it is in shades of pastel and is monotone.



2. Match it as per the time of the event

Pastel decor coordinated with pastel outfits works great for a day wedding. If it’s a night wedding, go for something brighter. Colors like navy blue, black and red paired with beige look exceptionally beautiful during the night.



3.  Match Your Centerpieces With Your Outfits

Coordinating your centerpieces is something off-beat and takes personalization to another level. You can pick multi colors or go monotone with one of the shades in your outfit. Combinations like hot pink paired with pastel pink look marvelous in such cases.


Regardless of the various aspects, a bride should wear something in which she is the most comfortable. This enhances your confidence and makes it a day to remember.

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