Indian & Pakistani Wedding Decor Trends 2022

Indian & Pakistani Wedding Decor Trends 2022

Grand and opulent are the two words which describe Indian & Pakistani Weddings. Decorations vary from occasion-to-occasion and add to the extravagance of those wedding. As you get back to the hustle of planning big day, we've put together a list of the biggest trends for 2022.


1. An Intimidate Outdoor Lunch or Dinner

Ending the ceremony with a formal seating outdoor lunch or dinner, with minimal decoration can never go out of trend. During the night, there are hanging lights and during the day, there are hanging flowers. This is also a super chill end to the tiring festivities of so many days.



2. Large Hanging Wedding Cakes

The traditional cakes are no longer in trend now. Hanging cakes with beautiful decoration on their stands are being designed and used in today's weddings.  Some extravagant cakes are being designed which are even 4-5 feet tall and even though they are scary while we are cutting them but they are a treat to everybody's eyes.



3. Floating Floral Arrangements

May it be day event or a night event, floating floral arrangements look super elegant and add that oomph to the entire wedding decoration. You can keep it all pastel toned if it a day event and add some reds with whites if it is a night event.



4. Little Details on The Seating Arrangements

Having customized chairs for the bride & groom and some detailing on the chairs, dinner plates, etc can make a huge impact on the entire decoration and that makes guests drool over the small details.



5. Tunnel of Lights

If it is a night event, say your reception, Walima, ring ceremony or engagement party, having a tunnel of lights in the entry way will make it look out of this world. That looks magical and instantly brightens up the entire venue.



Trends may come and go but, eventually, you have to stick to what you feel is perfect for your wedding. Planning a Pakistani or Indian wedding can be taxing due to a large number of guests and multiple events. However, deciding what kind of dress to war on which occasion can be the most difficult decision of them all, specially for brides.

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