Indian bridal dresses V/S Pakistani bridal dresses

Indian bridal dresses V/S Pakistani bridal dresses

Both Pakistani and Indian brides have their own distinguishing features but there are some factors which make it easily identifiable whether a bride is Pakistani or Indian.

1. Choice of colors

The traditional reds, peaches and pinks are the most widely opted color options when it comes to Indian brides when it comes to their wedding/ Indian pheras. On the contrary, Pakistani brides prefer wearing whites, silvers and more of lighter shades when it comes to choosing the color for their Walima or Nikkah outfits.

2. Silhouettes/ pattern of dresses and necks

Pakistani brides usually do not go for outfits which show their midriffs, arms or deep backs. Whereas, Indian brides are known for experimenting the most when it comes to designing their outfits. They Try various necklines, back designs and more which spruce up their outfits.

3. Bridal Veils, Trails And Trains

While Indian brides love to have veils as they complete the entire bridal look, Pakistani brides have a knack for long trails and trains on their Walima and Nikkah outfits. They even love to have trials on their lehengas which is why most of the Persian lehengas come with trails only.

4. Jewelry trends

Maang Tikkas and Mathapattis make for some of the most beautiful bridal jewellery pieces for Indian brides. On the other hand, the pretty Pakistani Brides have always been carrying the grand jhoomars and pasas as a part of their wedding jewellery. 

Nonetheless, both Indian and Pakistani brides look absolutely jaw-dropping and serene in their outfits. For checking out options for Pakistani wedding dresses, Pakistani designer clothes, Pakistani formal wear, Pakistani suits and more, visit Karigur and their expert bridal consultants will be more than happy to be at service to you!