Trending Henna Designs for Brides

Trending Henna Designs for Brides

When it comes to Indian & Pakistani wedding, every ritual is extremely important, may it be Mehendi, Haldi, Walima, Nikaah or engagement. Remaining on top of the trends in every function also becomes equally important when it is your wedding.

In today’s blog, we will have a round up of all the types of Mehendi a bride can opt for, depending upon her personal taste & ongoing trend. 

1. Arabic Mehendi

For the brides who like to keep it minimal yet chic, Arabic mehendi designs are the ultimate winners. It is a sleek Mehendi design & the floral patterns used in it look extremely surreal once the design comes together. Usually, the bridesmaids opt for this Mehendi.

2. Traditional Indian Mehendi

This type of Mehendi design requires a lot of expertise as it is extremely difficult to apply. Filled with heavy henna all over the hands, this gives full bridal feels and there is hardly any space left on the bride’s hands & feet, which is not covered on henna. Brides who love to go over-the-top should definitely go with this design. 

3. Moroccan Mehendi

Made of beautiful patterns of square & other geometrical shapes, Moroccan Mehendi looks extremely beautiful & bold. This is not a very mainstream option for Indian & Pakistani brides and requires a bride who is willingly to do something different with her look. 

4. Khafif Mehendi

This type of Mehendi is all about making big shapes and then filling in those shape with extremely delicacy. It gives a very heavy look because of how detailed the Mehendi is & is one of the most beautiful forms of Mehendi. 


5. Jewelry Mehendi

This is a comparatively new style which is gaining popularity with time. It almost feels like a haath-phool, with a lot of rings & chains to decorate. This design is not something a bride can opt for, unless she would want something minimal, modern & chic and is more popular amongst the bridesmaids. 

6. Pakistani Mehendi

Similar to Indian Mehendi, Pakistani Mehendi is also extremely detail oriented & fills the entire palm. Brides usually opt for this style as they look very full & give those bridal feels to the fullest. 


7. Figurative Mehendi

This is probably the most difficult one so far as it involves making a lot of figures & real world things. Made with extreme precision, bridal mehendis usually have figures which mean differently for everybody & this is definitely not something an amateur can pull off. 

Depending upon the type of bride you wish to be, you could design which henna design would you want to go for. Once that is sorted, you could either look for some pre-loved designs on the internet or get a design customized, by your henna artist. The figurative mehendi designs are the best if you are somebody who would like to add some personal elements to your mehendi.