Stunning Ring Designs Your Bride-to-be Won't Say No To

Stunning Ring Designs Your Bride-to-be Won't Say No To

Getting engaged is one of the biggest events in everybody's life. The perfect engagement ring acts as a cherry to the cake and makes the occasion even more joyous. Below we have listed some types of engagement rings which is bound to make your other-half go speechless.

1. Solitaire Ring

This is the most classic and traditional engagement ring style which every person would love to receive. To show off its true beauty, a solitaire is usually mounted on a plain band.


2. Cluster Ring

Grouping together several small diamonds to create the same effect as as a large diamond is the basic idea behind cluster rings. They are also known as 'illusion rings'

3. Swirl Diamond Ring

A swirl ring is beautiful and unique. The illusion of the two ends not meeting gives it a distinct feel and look to it.


4. Single Colored Stone Engagement Ring

For some, the white diamond might not be THE ring. They want something unique and personal. These colored stones are also cheaper than the white diamonds which makes it them cost effective as well.

5. Ballerina Engagement Ring

Inspired by the shape of a tutu, the ballerina is the most attractive engagement ring out there. Even though these are not very new, but they are still very popular due to their exquisiteness.

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