How much does a Pakistani bridal dress cost?

How much does a Pakistani bridal dress cost?

Determining the range of Pakistani or Indian bridal dresses can be very challenging because of their versatile nature. There are certain factors which play a vital role in finalizing the price of a bridal dress and the below ones are definitely the most vital of them all.

1. Amount of embroidery

If your Pakistani or Indian bridal dress is heavily hand embroidered from top to bottom, it is certain that it is going to cost more than the ones which are not heavily embroidered, which may come under the category of Pakistani formal wear, Pakistani suits, etc. Hand embroidered outfits take months to get ready and you pay for the exquisite work that is done by every craftsman who spends 10-12 hours daily to get that one outfit for you.

2. The Type Of Silhouette

The silhouettes which are straight from top to bottom tend to have more embroidery than shararas, ghararas or palazzos. Designer gowns, Pakistani wedding dresses and lehenga cholis contain the most amount of embroidery and are therefore, costlier than the other silhouettes.

3. The occasion

Outfits for Nikkah, Walima or main day are going to cost more than the outfit which you wear on Mehendi function, haldi function or some other small wedding events. This is because the former are heavily embroidered and are personally customized only for you.

4. Hand embroidered V/S Machine embroidered

The intricacy involved in a hand embroidered outfit is way beyond that of machine embroidery. Machine embroidery is way quicker and does not require constant concentration and manual labor.

If you are also looking to buy your Pakistani hand embroidered bridal dress but do not wish to pay so much for it, book an appointment with us now and we will make sure we get an intricately hand embroidered Pakistani bridal dress for you, in your desired range.