5 Most Important Things To be Taken Care of By An Indian & Pakistani Bride

5 Most Important Things To be Taken Care of By An Indian & Pakistani Bride

When the big day is approaching, you are bound to miss out on the small details. Here are a few things for which every Indian & Pakistani bride must take out extra time:

1. Appropriate accessorizing

Getting weighed down by the weight of a lot of accessories can be discomforting and can ruin your outfit as well. Making sure to accessorize as per your body’s structure and your outfit’s requirements.

2. Perfectly-fitted shirt/ blouse

The fit of your dress is the most vital part. The wedding preparations might bring your weight up or down and you would definitely want to try it once 3-4 days before the actual big day. This would not only avoid any mishaps on that day but will also give you enough time to do something about it.

3. Makeup Trials

Your makeup artist has the power to make you look awesome or awful. Trying different looks with your makeup artists, helps avoid confusion on your wedding day. This also gives an idea to your makeup artist about what suits you the best.

4. The Weather

The weather in which you are getting married, will decide the fabric you would want to wear, the kind of makeup you would want to put up and so much more. In winters, velvets and raw silks will be the winners and you would not want to go for an air-brushed makeup since it will anyway be very chilly.

5. Confidence is the Key

Nothing can replace your confidence. Don’t let that nervousness or pressure affect you. Everything that couldn’t be the way you want can only be fixed by confidence.  Because they say, ‘Self- Confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it’.

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