Trendiest must-have accessories with your Pakistani and Indian bridal dress

Trendiest must-have accessories with your Pakistani and Indian bridal dress

You have made it to the finish line! You have finally found THE dress of your dreams! But, do not forget to shop for these essential accessories without which your outfit is incomplete.

1. Wedding Shoes

Obviously your comfort is of utmost importance when selecting your wedding shoes but do not forget to keep in mind the venue and your bridal dress. Make sure the detailing matches with the bridal dress and you are able to stand in those for at least 7-8 hours.

Pro Tip: Do not forget to practice walking in them. If possible, try to carry them once or twice before finally wearing them on your big day.

2. A Clutch or Purse

Some Indian and Pakistani brides carry potlis as well which look extremely stylish. But we would recommend not carrying them on your wedding but to your reception which makes it a practical choice.

3. Hair accessories

Adding small elements like maang tikkas, veils, broches or fresh flowers can add that extra oomph to your bridal dresses.

4. Hand and Neck accessories

Wearing matching or contrasting diamond, silver, kundan or any traditional bridal jewelry can make your bridal outfit even more exquisite, if chosen correctly.

Accessorizing might be the second priority and choosing your Pakistani wedding dress might be the first, but, it surely does not make it unimportant. Head over to Karigur to check out the options that a Pakistani bride has. You can either book an appointment or visit our online store.