Off the rack or custom: What to consider when buying your wedding dress

Off the rack or custom: What to consider when buying your wedding dress

When a bride-to-be starts her Indian or Pakistani wedding shopping, the first thing that comes to her mind is to whether buy a Pakistani bridal dress off-the-rack or to get a lot of inspiration and then get one customized specially for your big day.

However, deciding between the two options comes with its own pros and cons. Below, we have listed a few points which every Pakistani or Indian bride should consider before starting their bridal shopping. 

1. Time left to your wedding

Getting your Indian or Pakistani bridal dress customized usually takes 5-6 months to time. You need enough buffer time for alterations & final fittings. If you still have this much time left to your wedding, then, keeping other factors constant, you could go for a custom-made Pakistani bridal dress as well.

2. Your risk appetite

Not every Indian or Pakistani bride has enough patience or is chill enough to just place an order and then see the final outcome of their & the designer's imagination after 5-6 months. If you think you are not somebody who likes surprises or are very specific with what you want in your bridal dress, then, purchasing it off-the-rack might be the smartest as there will not be any room of errors then. You will get exactly what you choose, which will also be in accordance with your risk taking appetite. 

3. The budget for your bridal dress

Buying your bridal dress off-the-rack will give you access to hefty discounts as you will be buying a dress which is not made specially for you, has been there from sometime and has been tried upon by some others as well. This creates space for the designers to bring in new styles which usually encourages them to give you good discounts. However, if you get the same piece customized along with some changes, you will end up paying $700-900 more than the off-the-rack one as prices keep on going up with each passing day and the craftsmen will then be dedicating their time into making your customized bridal outfit which nobody else will be able to try.

4. Your body shape

Usually, off-the-rack dresses are made in a medium or large size only which makes it difficult for the petite and plus size models to actually buy those directly as that makes getting those dresses altered very difficult and that might also destroy the entire look of the dress in many ways.

5. Your patience levels

Made-to-order Pakistani & Indian bridal dresses usually take 5-6 months to get ready. Every detailing needs to be taken care of and the entire outfit looks good only when everything comes together and not in pieces. A lot of patience is required to actually wait for almost half a year to see the final outcome of all the planning and thought that you put behind the actual designing.

After you have considered the above mentioned points, deciding whether to go for a custom Pakistani bridal dress or buy it off-the-rack. If you are an upcoming Pakistani bride & looking for a Pakistani clothing brand in Canada, in Toronto, Mississauga or other cities of the GTA, visit Karigur or book a virtual bridal consultation with one of our experts.