Different Types of Brides on Their Wedding Day

Different Types of Brides on Their Wedding Day

1. The Princess Bride

The one who loves to doll up extravagantly at every occasion. Poofy gowns with extra accessories are their go-to look.

2. The Emotional Bride

No matter how happy the vibes are, these brides find a reason to get emotional and make everybody else cry.

3. The Chill Bride

A happy-go-lucky bride who does not worry about small mishaps that happen at a wedding. 

4. The Planner Bride

Planning each and everything personally and taking care of the planning even on the wedding day is a planner bride. She can not rest even on her big day.

5. The Foodie Bride

Having food in between makeup, in between ceremonies and literally everywhere. Such brides tend to eat away their anxiety and stress which comes from the wedding.

6. The Perfectionist Bride

Every thing needs to be perfect for this bride. May it be colors on their wedding venues, their makeup, the fitting of their outfits and literally every small detail matters for them.

7. The Modern Bride

A bride who does not follow traditional methods. She opts for off shoulder blouses, western silhouettes for her mehendi ceremony and more of parties than the actual ceremonies.

8. The Traditional Bride

From traditional red lehengas, bridal choodhas, kaleeras to veils, everything traditional is this bride's dream wedding.

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